Free Space Exploration Screensaver

There is something about space that has attracted people for centuries. The search for intelligent life beyond the Earth has driven scientists to develop new technologies to make space exploration become practically possible. With this screensaver you can

Space Exploration  v.dev 9

Space exploration is an upcoming RPG by Metal Beetle Ltd. Its a work in progress, but you can download a development preview now. In SE, you are tasked with charting the long-abandoned Serpens Sector,


SpaceDataWiki for Exploration Commons  v.alpha1.1

SpaceDataWiki is the engine that powers Exploration Commons which currently uses Drupal, OpenLayers and GeoServer.

Space Exploration 3D Screensaver  v.1.01.5

Would you like to see the rings of Saturn and the Asteroid Belt? This screensaver features a very realistic and accurate 3D model of the Solar System. Embark on your own exploratory voyage with this screensaver of unparalled beauty!

Moon Exploration Dashboard Widget  v.1.0

View the sky from anywhere on the Moon, for any date, including presets for 11 Apollo mission sites.

TattooMeNow Exploration

Here is what you will find inside: * 2896 3,523 designs (and growing!) in 40 categories * Print out and bring to your favorite artist * Combine two or more tattoos into one * 'Bookmark' your favorite designs and get back to them later * Tattoo photos in

Gold exploration  v.

in this game ,

Symbolic Logic Exploration  v.3

Modernizing the sentential and predicate logic programs, Bertie and Twootie, by cleaning up the code, rewritting the code to conform to the standard Pascal defination, and developing a graphical user interface for both X and MS Windows.

OceanDive  v.1.4

OceanDive is a unique combination of a 3D marine life screensaver and a scuba diving exploration game

Gephi  v.0.8

Gephi is an interactive visualization and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and complex systems, dynamic and hierarchical graphs. Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Gephi is open-source and free.

Encom ModelVision  v.10.0

Encom ModelVision is the most advanced 3D magnetic and gravity modelling tool in its class. It is used all over the world in mineral exploration, geological surveys, petroleum exploration, engineering and environmental geophysics.

BehaviorSearch  v.0.7

BehaviorSearch is a software tool to help with automating the exploration of agent-based models (ABMs), by using genetic algorithms and other heuristic techniques to search the parameter-space.

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